Zambratija is located on the road between Umag and Savudrija. Its name derives from the feoffee of Capodistria, Zuane Bratti, whose family had lived in the castle of Sipar for centuries.


On the stretch between cape Catoro and Sipar, apart from the villas of rich Romans, there were also the homes of people who dealt with agriculture, handcraft, fishing and trade. With the time, a big harbor was constructed, which gave birth to the village of Sepomaia. Before the arrival of the Romans, this locality had a Celtic name: Sepomaia. Romans changed it to Siparis (Sipar). Today only the ruins of its castle are left.


The Lighthouse of Savudrija was built in the 1818. As such, it is the oldest still active lighthouse of the Adriatic. It was the first lighthouse of the world that used gas illumination received by the distillation of coal, which was transported from the mine of Labin (Albona).